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[Case Study] Patented Removable Decoration Components–Takeaway Your Sci-Fi Looking HiTech Decoration

Editor’s note: When we speak of decoration for the control room, command center, and forensic lab, usually when finished, it’s fixed, can not be moved or changed, or if you need to start all over again. But what if I told you that you can take away all your decoration wherever you want, and the decoration components are Hi-Tech and Sci-Fi Looking, isn’t it wonderful?

When we built a forensic lab, control room, or command center, we all know that the decoration in accordance with ISO 11064 guidelines creates a comprehensive list of measurable criteria.

The system of value goes from dark to light, and from floor to ceiling. Floor decoration should have a light reflectance value (LRV) of between 0.2 and 0.3; wall decoration should have 0.5 to 0.6, and ceilings should have 0.8 and a matte finish. In addition to the ISO requirements, the design must adhere to local building codes for flammability and slip resistance, as well as clients’ requirements. Above all, decoration must be functional, durable, and maintainable because many control rooms must last 30 years or more.

But the reality usually is that if follow all the guidelines, the decoration cost will be very high, and we need to switch the rooms or buildings a few years after, the whole cost of decoration will be added again if we will build a new one, and the cost even higher than before.

We can solve this big problem for you! By using our patented removable decoration components, you only need to spend money on the basic decoration, the rest of them can leave to us. And when you have to switch the room, just remove all the components and take away, and you can easily reassemble them into your new room.

We have several kinds of decoration components you can choose, almost suitable for requirements of any room, here you can see as below:

No.1 Metal Door

No.2 Hang Type Screen Frame

No.3 Hi-Tech Aisle

No.4 Screen Frame

No.5 Wall Type Screen Frame

No.6 Glass Partition

No.7 Metal Type Wall Sticker

No.8 LED Lights

No.9 LED Frame

Here you can see the 3D views:


Thanks for your reading, we will continue to post this series case studies, stay tuned and welcome to talk to us for getting the Sci-Fi decoration as “StarWars” FREE design of your own workstation & console, We will offer you 360° VR 3D design for a better experience!

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