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[News]SalvationDATA Participated in the 2019 Neijiang Talent Ceremony – Big Data Security Seminar

Editor’s note: On 25th September 2019, SalvationDATA participated in the 2019 Neijiang Talent Ceremony – Big Data Security Seminar.


During the seminar, a high-end talent recruitment ceremony for SalvationDATA was held. SalvationDATA hired Professor Pan Quan, Associate Professor Liu Yong and Associate Professor Yang Tao from Northwestern Polytechnical University, served as the chief scientist, chief strategy officer, and artificial intelligence CTO of the Digital Forensics&Data Recovery Laboratory in Sichuan Province, and collaborated on new opportunities, new developments, and new achievements. Under the warm applause and common witness of everyone, Mr. Kenneth Liang, The founder of SalvationDATA, issued a letter of appointment to three experts, officially opening a new chapter in talent introduction.


Mr. Liang also delivered a keynote speech entitled “Tracing and Prevention of Big Data Security”. The speech explains and shares the traceability and prevention solutions of Big Data Security in cybercrime.

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